New Building Update – Project Team Change

Project Team Change

There have been a couple of recent changes to our project team for the new building. Harry Fuller, the Development Manager at Costigan Integrated has decided to take a position at the University of Washington that will allow him to pursue his MBA. Harry has been a valuable part of the team. We wish him well in his new adventures.

Ken Zuber, a Principle at Costigan Integrated will be taking the lead on our project. Ken has a background in both architecture and construction, which will be an asset as we move through the final Construction Design (CD) phase.

Another change happening with our project team is with our General Contractor (GC). In December, our GC, Sellen provided an updated cost estimate based on the 30% construction design drawing set. When the cost estimate came in significantly over our construction budget, Costigan Integrated went out to other General Contractors to request additional estimates.

This began a process of reviewing qualifications as well as approach of other General Contractors. Ultimately we have decided to change General Contractors to SeaBay. During the past three months, Jackie Costigan and Harry Fuller of Costigan Integrated, and Tom Curran, lead of the Seattle Unity Visioning (SUV) team conducted a thorough review of their references, financials, and the details of their cost estimate to construct our new Seattle Unity building.

Our Seattle Unity Board of Trustees had an opportunity to review the qualifications and proposed team members of SeaBay, and approved a change from Sellen to SeaBay for our General Contracting services. SeaBay will start working along side Olson Kundig during the next several months as we complete the design process.

Check out the latest organizational chart [live link] to see these changes and the entire project team.

Additional Questions? See our updated FAQ sheet or contact Diane Robertson ( or 206.622.8475 x220).