Seattle Unity New Facility Project 12/15/14 Update

UPDATE:  December 15, 2014

As mentioned in the August Update, the SUV Team has been working with the City on technical and zoning issues having to do with the City’s revised zoning codes for the South Lake Union [SLU] neighborhood.

zoning-02We expected that this phase of our process might be drawn out, and that has proven to be the case. But it is actually taking longer than we had planned, and one of the hold ups has been due to the City continuing to fine-tune the new zoning codes. We have retained a highly regarded land use attorney to help us navigate the City’s process to our best advantage. But due to the holidays and the bureaucratic process being what it is, we do not expect any movement in this area until after the first of the year.

slu rezoneThe good news is that our property continues to appreciate in value, and the SLU neighborhood continues to grow and change. The bad news is that we have to continue to live with a lot of ambiguity. To reflect this, we have revised the Timeline graphic to reflect the fact that, until the zoning issues are resolved, we can no longer be certain about future dates. You can view the updated timeline here.