Seattle Unity New Facility Project 5/1/16 Update

UPDATE:  May 1, 2016

The commUnity meeting on Sunday, May 1st featured a presentation and discussion about our work to develop a new facility.

New Facility Meeting 20160501 1 We had an excellent turnout (approximately 70), especially considering it would have been tempting to be outside in the glorious spring. The Youth of Unity group providing a potato bar prior to the meeting was extremely popular.

We accomplished some great things together:

  • honoring the good work of the SUV Committee
  • generating excitement around the June 12th meeting at which members will vote on a recommendation from the Board as to a specific proposed sale
  • helping to clarify the different processes and timelines needed to inform the eventual design of the building
  • communicating all the opportunities for members to get involved
  • answering member questions and capturing them for further review
  • navigating some role clarity while also celebrating the good work of how far we’ve come to get to this point

New Facility Meeting 20160501 3We plan to develop opportunities for members to think about the legacy we build for the next several decades. If you have suggestions about this process, please email Jim ( or place a suggestion in the suggestion box [with your name, please, as it helps us to contact you with any questions we have to further your suggestion].

It’s clear we as a commUnity are very enthusiastic about engaging as we move through the next steps.

Here’s the Infographic from the meeting.

thumb-arrow-pointing-right-166.6-10789The most important/immediate news is that we will hold a membership meeting on June 12th to vote on the Board’s recommendation as to a specific sale to a specific co-developer(s).

Infographic B Dream 2050Infographic A sale pieceIn addition to the news about voting on a possible sale there was discussion about the work to Dream about Seattle Unity 2050. Rev. Karen and Diane Robertson are leading an effort to connect with our entire commUnity to step out of the present and dream about spiritual community in 2050. This work, starting with our small group ministries, will include community meetings within the next couple of months.

Infographic C designAfter agreeing on a potential sale and developing themes around the future of our commUnity we will be in a great place to begin the fun, interesting, and challenging work of planning our new facility. This will take place during the end of this summer. There will be many more details coming in the future.

We are on the edge of making decisions we have been considering for at lea
st four years now. It is an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a meaningful legacy for our commUnity. We all look forward to doing this work together.

Reviewing the Decisions made to Date:

  • In 2012 in response to an offer to buy the parking lot we created a team to explore our options for this property. We discovered that selling the parking lot was not an option due to parking requirements. We also obtained an assessment of value for our property of +/- $7million.
  • In 2014 we agreed as a community that we wanted to pursue an option to redevelop a new facility on this site, and fund that redevelopment by selling the northern portion of our property.
  • In 2015 we authorized the study of alternatives to redeveloping here based on concerns about the city zoning limitations.
  • In 2016 at the annual Congregational Meeting we authorized the small team of the SUV to solicit offers from developers.

You are encouraged to come on June 12th and participate in this very important meeting.

New Facility Meeting 20160501 2

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