New Building Update – On the Move!

On the Move!

After several schedule delays and extensions for our new building project, we have received word from our co-developer, Greystar that they do intend to close in early July. You might be wondering, “What about that third extension that Greystar used that moved the closing date out to October 2019?”

Yes, Greystar did use their third extension because as of mid-January there were still some uncertainties about utility undergrounding work and the city permitting process. However, it is to their advantage and ours to move the project forward as soon as possible and it now appears that the undergrounding work and permitting are moving forward on schedule, in time for a July closing date.

Now you might be asking, “Well, what does that mean for Seattle Unity?”

A July closing date means that our final Sunday service in our existing building will be Sunday, May 26th. The month of May will be the final month for all services, rentals, and other activities in our existing building. The month of June will be for a final clearing out of the building and salvage work. Abatement will take place in the month of July.

Our first Sunday service in Metropolist on a regular basis will start on June 2nd.

Join us Saturday, May 25th at 5:30 pm for a sacred honoring and celebration of Seattle Unity’s history and existing building.

Additional Questions? See our updated FAQ sheet or contact Diane Robertson ( or 206.622.8475 x220).