Sacred Money Archetypes®: How Your Personal Money Archetypes can Transform your Spiritual Growth Path

Rose Harrowa guest blog by Rose Harrow, Business Coach and Certified Instructor for Sacred Money Archetypes®

I used to think that “business” and anything having to do with “money” was boring at best, and definitely not “spiritual.”

Now I see it differently. Money is just a tool, like a pencil or a computer, and it can be used to express whatever is important to us.  The more skillful and aware we are with how we use a tool, the more easily we can create with it.

Discover YOUR Sacred Money Archetypes®
You’re invited to this 2 hour Workshop, Sunday, April 10 at Seattle Unity, 11:30-1:30
  • Discover the most profitable actions you can take to increase your income and secure your financial freedom and future.
  • Pinpoint money blind spots and brainstorm opportunities for empowering your financial decisions and your personal growth.
  • Troubleshoot the money blind spots that are likely causing an “invisible ceiling” on your income.
    • Surprisingly, this invisible ceiling exists at EVERY income level.
    • You’ll hear what you need to remove limits on your financial freedom and inner worth.

Sacred Money logoSacred Money Archetypes® is a system that sheds light on how well you are using money as a tool, and how it can work better for you – for personal, professional, or spiritual growth.

Each of us has been given certain personal traits  (that show up around money) to help us make our way in the world.  These can be seen as our top, or most influential, Money Archetypes.  We also seem to be given challenges to make life “interesting!”

These are all called “Sacred” to point up the fact that how we are made is NOT a mistake.  And that Money is a Sacred tool to be used with respect.  These are called “Sacred” Money Archetypes to point up the fact that how we are made is NOT a mistake.  And that money is a sacred tool when used with respect.

In this experiential workshop we’ll zero in on how YOUR MONEY STORY is not just about money.  Money is a lens through which our innate personality can be understood and worked with, to make our lives work better, and help us get the results we want.

You will discover your top 3 archetypes – showing you your Specific strengths and how to make the most of them – and also which archetypes may be holding you back (and possibly driving your loved ones crazy!).

Rose will also be our guest speaker at the service on Sunday April 10th.

To register, or for more information, Contact: Diane Robertson, Program Director  206-622-8475 x 220 or