Refining Our Communications

We’ve had our current Breeze database system in place for several years now, and it’s a success!

We have a number of congregants signed up to use the online directory feature. [If you haven’t yet done this, and want to, your name and picture are shown. You decide if you want to share your email only, email and phone, or email, phone and address. Here’s the link for that] With this feature, you can also update your own information, and you can check to see how much you’ve donated to Seattle Unity, and whether you are on track with any pledge you made. Of course, this information is definitely NOT shared with others!

We also now have a solid core group who have opted in to the text or email reminders & update system made possible through Breeze, and who find it very helpful.

We are now ready to update and refine our system, as the one suggestion I’ve consistently received is to make the “Community” section of the alerts more specific. It’s not possible to craft individual emails/texts for each person one on one, but refining our categories will help a lot to cut down on those unwanted communications.

As you will notice, there are a few new categories – most notably, there is one called “By Your Peers”. We’re testing this one out. Many have requested a way to let other congregants know of individual happenings, which don’t really fit in the newsletter. This category will include such items as someone looking for a ride share, or a place to live, has something to sell, or a job to offer. We’ll see how well this works, in terms of both usefulness and the time it takes to administer it.

A note for those who’ve requested a place to share a poem or essay image: Annie is generally happy to include these in the newsletter. Likewise, if you have an event you’d like your fellows to know about, send it to Annie by the 15th of the month, and she’s happy to include it in the “Wider World” section of the newsletter.

So, if you will take a few moments to fill out the updated form, [link here], we will continue to supply you with relevant news and updates about your spiritual home and family.