The Rather Magical Story of How I Became a Hypnotherapist

Didi GravesIn 1982 I first went for hypnotherapy to overcome a fear. I was trying to sell my artwork to stores and just the thought of walking into a store and saying would you like to buy these pretty much made me sweat blood. Fear of rejection. Fear of not being good enough. After two sessions I never was afraid again. I still got rejected from time to time, but it was ok, just part of the process.

Fast forward to 2012. In the Birth 2012 workshop Reverend Karen asked this question: “What do you want to call forth in your life?” My answer …to be outrageously open to the Divine and all the signs, synchronicities and breadcrumbs She leaves for me, knowing the Divine always knows my good.

Hypnosis was on my mind. I was Googling hypnotherapists in Seattle to help with an issue I had. Nothing popped out at me. As many of you know I am a book girl – always reading something. So one morning I am reading a novel called The Hypnotist’s Love Story and I put the book down, picked up my phone, Googled hypnosis training Seattle and found my teacher, Mary Lee Labay at Bastyr University. I got out my credit card and signed up for the class. It all happened in a matter of moments. You know …action arises.

And so I began a fascinating journey into the world of hypnotherapy.

“Since the subconscious mind is our driving force, we always do what our subconscious mind believes.  Since it will believe anything it is told, we can reprogram it if we bypass the conscious mind and substitute new constructive ideas for its existing negative ones.”        Charles Tebbets

And that’s what hypnotherapy does so well. We enter into a state of deep relaxation, bypassing the conscious mind and have a conversation with the subconscious mind. I was taught a type of hypnosis called “client-centered”. This means that any suggestions come not from me, but from the client’s own subconscious. It knows.

When our subconscious beliefs and concepts are brought into conscious awareness it gives us expanded possibilities for transformation.

Still following the breadcrumbs, I had no idea how to begin my practice. Where do I start? I decided to just start anywhere. I’ll look at space. I looked at one space. Then I was talking to Rymii and she asked about what was going on. I said I’m looking for a space. She said we have a space here at Unity. OK. The space needed to be painted. My friend Doug said he was looking for a space to teach a faux technique. OK. I kept putting off going to Goodwill to get an office chair. My friend Heather called and said do you need a comfortable office chair? OK.

My friends have a spiritual teacher and one thing she told them that always stuck with me was: we have been led, we are being led, we will be led. And I feel led to do this work.

Along the way, though I will tell you the voice of the itty bitty shitty committee in my head had a few things to say: “you’re too old, what the hell do you think you’re doing, are you nuts, and my favorite…who do  you think you are?” I heard it all. And I felt it all. But I was able to recognize that it was just fear talking, because I trusted more in the guidance of the Divine than in that silly old, old committee that seemingly occupies the space between my ears.

I invite you to experience for yourself the transformational journey of hypnotherapy. I am offering sessions to my Unity community for a love offering until April 1st. You can use hypnotherapy for any issue. And no, I cannot make you bark like a dog or cluck like a chicken, unless of course that’s what ya wanna do. 🙂

I was also trained in past life regression for those of you interested. All I’ll say about that right now is …what a trip that is!

Diane Robertson and I are hosting an open house at the Life Enrichment Center on November 10th after both services.

I am more than happy to answer any questions you have then, or feel free to call me at (206) 799-1347.

Love, Didi