Projects Updates as of July 2017

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Projects well under way:

• Mariah and Didi’s little paper journal project. (See “This is US monthly update May 2017” post)
• The rock project by the Men’s Fellowship Group. (See “The Story of the Rocks” post)
• The Men’s group books. Did you know that for 7 years the Men’s group has created a book about their retreats? They are full of beautiful original artwork, fabulous photographs and the wonderful group poem they write. We will display them for all to see at our exit celebration.
• The timeline project: the historical church timeline, the human timeline and the cultural, historical timeline. (See “Three Timelines” post) Project is being done by Seattle Unity Home group. If you have anything of note to add to the Timeline please let Didi know.
• Paul Jackson and Mitch Hunter’s 3rd Sunday video project. (See “3rd Sunday Videos” post) Join in, share your thoughts, feelings and memories. Short, three minute videos.
• The Room Blessing project led by Annie and Didi
• Sonya Carmichael Jones is writing the story of South Lake Union.
• Marcia Rutan is doing a poetry project.
• A photo collage. Please email any photos you want included in our collage to Annie will scan your photos for you if you are unable to digitize them yourself.

Projects looking for a leader:

We are looking for the commUnity to take on these. Remember you can do a project by yourself, with a buddy or with a group. Also you can come up with your own projects. Get involved. Talk to Didi for ideas.
• Write a letter to future generations about our community. Our hopes and dreams for ourselves and for them.
• I would love for someone to take on the task of collecting quotes that uplifted and furthered their spiritual life. Big quote jar somewhere in the house maybe?
• Individual photo essays on the garden, on the building, the people… choose a subject that means something to you.
• A time capsule.
• Interview someone you don’t know. Write it up to share.
• Community gratitude collage.
• Any writing project.. poems, essays etc.

Any and all ideas are welcome in the “This is US” collaboration.

See Didi Graves for more information, or email her at