prayer 2Seattle Unity has an active and thriving prayer community

Prayer is the foundation of the Unity movement and of Seattle Unity. Prayer and meditation are the keys to bringing into manifestation all that we wish for our lives. There are many opportunities for prayer support. All matters of prayer at Seattle Unity are always held in strict confidence.

Prayer requests

Have you ever wondered what happens to a prayer request that you put in the prayer box?

The prayers that you place in the prayer box are picked up on Sunday afternoon and distributed to members of the prayer team. Members of the prayer team hold you or your loved one in prayer every day for the following week. Each member prays that the highest and best manifest for you or your loved one.

Where prayers go

Prayer support is available through many channels.

The following are ways that you can receive prayer support:

  • IMG_2519The Prayer Chaplain Program provides prayer support following both Sunday services as well as through monthly phone calls to member congregants.
  • Written prayer requests can be dropped in the prayer box at Metropolist before or after Sunday services or emailed to the Prayer Team.Request Prayer
  • Prayer requests also may be directed to Silent Unity via email, or at (800) NOW-PRAY (669-7729)
  • A Prayer Class is offered annually for those wishing to deepen their prayer lives. You qualify to  serve in the prayer ministry after the completion of this class, and it is a prerequisite to becoming a chaplain.
  • For additional “self help” read the Affirmative Prayer information under Spiritual Practices.  Several prayers are provided for you as well.
  • The Daily Word provides daily inspirational readings.


Does prayer really work?

Emile CadyHow about tithing or the Law of Mind Action? What does it mean to have God serve through you? In each class we have the chance to explore these concepts and put them into action to see if they do. Classes offer a springboard to “walk our talk” and to bring ideas from something we have read or talked about into something we live.

Emily Cady, an early Unity writer, said:

“Practice the Presence of God as you would practice music.”