PoWR Crew from Seattle U-nity

What does it mean to belong? How do we relate to each other in community? Where does belonging reside? Is it in the place or in the heart and our relationships?

As Seattle Unity embarks upon the adventure of a new building, we know that the community is in the people, the flock.

Born out of the Seattle Unity Community, former Youth Education Director and artist Leah Mann wrote a daring proposal to bring the idea of real inclusion and relating to the Parliament of World Religions – and it got accepted!

On Monday November 5, 2018 at 6 p.m. in Room 104D at the Metro Toronto Convention Center, as a part of the Parliament of World Religions 2018, Leah Mann will present “The Human Murmuration”.

Leah Mann

With a cast of artists and ministers from the US, South Africa, and Canada, “The Human Murmuration” will be a performance and community ritual stemming from a desire to create and re-member a narrative of belonging within the sacred traditions of the world.

Through stunning dance, we will bring the wholeness of MindBodySpirit to this platform as we address:

  • Churches and promised lands that seem more like governments and borders
  • Institutes that say, “We want diversity” while really meaning, “We want assimilation”
  • The still-severed thread weaving our psychic integrity back to the origins of humanity and religion – Africa

The main aspect of the presentation will be a ritual of localized behavior, unseating of privilege through a participatory healing model of equitable centering and healthy community. It will be a glorious disPLAY of being humane together.

Help us send our very own Marla Durden and Evelyn Reingold to represent Seattle Unity as part of the New Thought Delegation.

Your donation goes to help for pay travel expenses. https://www.gofundme.com/powr-crew-from-seattle-unity

Leah (currently in Atlanta):

“In between my scheduled job, I was able to rehearse with some of the cast members for POWR.

We created a piece about what we carry with us from religion. It is real… the amazing and the horrible. Ultimately we “made the beast beautiful” though.

I have been inviting cast members to send in their intentions and I just really love this one from Kelle Brown of Plymouth:

“My intention for this work is to loom large when necessary, to fully inhabit the space. To walk in grace and power. To magnify and resist being invisible. To be fearless and unapologetic. To haunt like a committed spirit if whiteness is too engorged, or to full of itself to hear an invitation to wholeness. I intend to live joyfully on purpose. I intend to drink in the beauty of those in my company, to rehearse empowering them, to shower them with honor, and welcome the same. I intend to speak clearly that God is dwelling in the bodies of the ones not present, not seen, those to whom they rarely listen. I will delight in the response of shock to our courage.””





Thank you!