Post Move-In Building Work

As you may know, we are still completing some final building construction work.  Thanks all for your continued hard work and generous time contributions!


In the last couple weeks these major work items have been completed:

Sign install on front exteriorFlashing along the base of exteriorTrash alcove modified so all 3 bins fit (& trash chutes labeled)Paint and caulking touch-up throughout the buildingRubber flooring install begun on front stair Anti-graffiti coating on north side of stuccoCommercial dishwasher workingUnity Hall ceiling painted


Looking forward, we anticipate completing these (and other) major work items:

Rubber flooring on front stairExterior panels installedDoors installed (and others replaced)
Garage signageTerrace awningAs we grow, so will our dedication to our building; its care and upkeep will be an ongoing meditation.  Thank you again for your care!