On the Move; Phase One: Urge to Purge

Were you here in 2009 for the first Great Seattle Unity Clean-Up?

Very few thought it could be done!

A mighty team of volunteers inspired by Jeanne Strawn and Annie Christensen delved into literally every corner of the building, and cleaned and tidied and got rid of so much clutter that the Lobby was filled and emptied three times!!! And our building sparkled!

So, we’re getting ready to do the impossible – again!

The Great Seattle Unity “Move Stuff Out” project is here!

Intrigued? Can’t wait to find out how you could take part in this historic event?

Have we got a place for YOU!

Our current goal is to identify and do those things that can be done NOW and to create a systematic plan so as to make it all flow forward smoothly as we speed into the near future.

It is going to take a village to make this happen gracefully and your assistance is needed!

Terry Loving is building a “Team of Teams”

She explains, “We are going to need help in a wide variety of capacities and you will fit in perfectly. There will be inventorying, sorting, organizing, researching, identifying channels for distribution, managing, and things I haven’t even thought of yet!”

You choose your spot that suits you, and commit to times convenient for you. Like parties? Gather your friends for a mini-group, and volunteer together!

First step

1. Identify Team leads – experts (perhaps you are one or know of one?) or have a desire to head up a particular type of “stuff” – This person will be the lead for particular types of things such as antiques, furniture, electronics, items of value, building material re-use-able items, eBay sales – and more – as they are identified.
2. Compile a master list of resources and contact information:
Please add your knowledge and resources to the list!
Diane Robertson has a building material reuse list from the architects
Susan Godfrey and our Earth Care Team are creating a list of recycle and other possibilities – for example, 3r Technology is happy to help with electronics and there are local groups for listing items for free and for $$.
Jennifer Bolles has expert resources through Value Village
• St Vincent’s will pick up furniture and some other lightly used items
• Junk hauling will be needed as well as individuals who periodically can take donation items in their vehicles
• Are you “space abundant”? Can you store some items in your home storage options?
• Storage box resources
• And more [insert what you know here]

Second step

Inventory items
1. What will we need to keep and store/
2. What will be needed to use in temporary space?
3. What is no longer needed, and what to do with that “stuff”
(There are so many options!)

It begins!

Let Terry Loving at volunteer@SeattleUnity.com know your interest and availability.

Call or meet in person if you have questions.

She is at Unity on Wednesdays 9-5 and Sundays are okay IF you can wait until after the service to chat.

Call her on her cell phone (206) 200-0914 or email her to set a time.

We all know and appreciate that your time is precious and we value all your help as we take this project on.

Thank you for your attention, and suggestions, and for helping. We know you have many other things you could be doing!

The story continues …