Welcome to Practical Spirituality

Welcome to Seattle Unity

Our inclusive community honors diversity, and respects each person’s unique spiritual journey. We welcome everyone – regardless of background, gender identity, race, abilities or disabilities.

Instead of rigid dogma, we open our hearts and minds to a diverse set of spiritual practices – worship services, classes, meditation and yoga are just a few – that guide us towards a better world for ourselves and our neighbors.

You are invited to explore our core values and beliefs and join us for our services.  Some great ways to connect with us are listed below.



Our services include inspirational music, meditation, a talk on spiritual principles, prayer, community connections.

Youth & Family Ministry has positive, age-appropriate lessons for kids, and nursery care for infants.

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Spirit Groups

Spirit groups are our small groups that meet regularly to help us connect more deeply. They include activities such as book study, field trips, exploratory conversation, while making new friends.

Groups have diverse purposes including outreach, community service, writing, and developing intuition.

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Youth and Family

Youth and families welcome! We offer spiritual services and programming for ages 5 to 18, and nursery care for toddlers and babies. (We also offer a variety of at-home lessons and resources for families who choose to bring their spiritual practice home!)

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We Love Visitors

We've just rebuilt our facility in the heart of South Lake Union in Seattle, and we’d love to show you our gorgeous new spiritual home. Please reach out to schedule a visit to learn more about our spaces and spiritual offerings.

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Events and Classes

We offer opportunities for spiritual growth and support to our community in the form of year-round classes and special events. From guest speakers and workshops, to special prayer services and

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Memorials, Christenings, and Weddings

Our ministers are available to perform sacred ceremonies upon request including memorials, christenings, and weddings on or off site.

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Meet Our Community