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On September 17th (2017) we had a special congregational meeting to see the inspirational work of our architects, Olson Kundig and engage in discussion about our new building and the evolution of the design. Thank you to everyone that came, asked questions and provided feedback. If you missed that meeting, we will be displaying the drawings in our Lobby in November, with Seattle Unity Design Team members available to answer questions.

We are nearing the end of this latest schematic design phase, which is about refining how the various spaces within the building are configured, the amount of space available, and how we move through the building. There have also been initial exploration of materials and how the spaces will be used.

A benefit of having our General Contractor (Sellen) already part of the project team is that they are working closely with Olson Kundig and our project management firm (Costigan Integrated) to look at the feasibility of construction of the design and budget impacts.

We are moving into the design development phase, which will define the details within the individual spaces, materials, light, and audio-visual. In the next couple of months we will be adding sub-consultants to the project team for lighting, acoustical, kitchen design, audio-visual and technology; and landscape architect. The design development phase is anticipated to be complete by February of 2018 and at that time Olson Kundig will prepare construction documents.
“Construction documents” – does that mean we are beginning construction in 2018? No – not quite yet.

Check out the latest project schedule [link] that Scott Caldwell has updated for us. Our project schedule has been extended, so instead of moving out of our existing space middle of 2018, we now anticipate moving out of the building in early 2019.

We also hit another major milestone on October 13th with the end of the review period and notice to proceed. This review period had followed the signing of the purchase and sale agreement in February with our co-developer, Greystar. As part of the end of the review period, we received the first large payment (balance of $2M), which will allow us to continue to fund project costs.

As we continue to add project team members, we will update the organizational chart [link].

We celebrate and give thanks for this creative process unfolding in divine order, and we celebrate all the ways Seattle Unity is blessed as a community!

At any time, if you have comments or questions about the project you are welcome to contact Diane Robertson (206.622.8475.220) or Rev Karen (206.622.8475.121).

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Please take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions 2018 [here’s the link] to understand more about what has been happening with the New Facility Project to date.

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4. We hold face-to-face meetings with the Board and others involved in the building planning process to keep  the congregation informed and to listen to your concerns.  Look for announcements about these meetings in the weekly email and as part of the Sunday service.

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Frequently asked questions 2018

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