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New Facility Meeting December 9, 2018

This meeting was ably led by Diane Robertson, with support from Olson Kundig, our architects, and Costigan Integrated, our project management firm

Our design documents are now in the construction phase and we are working on the design and the budgeting together.

The Master Use Permit has been submitted to the City of Seattle.

Our anticipated closing date is sometime in the summer and our anticipated move-out date is late spring to early summer.

We will need 2 to 3 months for abatement and salvage. Unfortunately, we learned that there is asbestos in the exterior stucco (which envelops almost all the building), which will be expensive to abate. We are still getting bids on this.

It will take about a year to construct the underground systems and our pad. We anticipate beginning our construction in 2020.

People then had the opportunity to walk around and look at our latest plans.

Diane urged our community to step forward about various projects if they concern you – such as stained glass windows, wood, rhododendrons, etc.

For those wanting to view some of Olson Kundig’s work, check out the 9th & Thomas OD Building building murals, and take a field trip to Saint Ignatius on the Seattle University campus.

Due to the cost of storage for several years, we will be keeping an absolute minimum of the contents of our current building. Terry Loving is in charge of this effort, and welcomes assistance in this massive sorting and disposal project.



At any time, if you have comments or questions about the project you are welcome to contact Diane Robertson (206.622.8475.220) or Rev Karen (206.622.8475.121).

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4. We hold face-to-face meetings with the Board and others involved in the building planning process to keep  the congregation informed and to listen to your concerns.  Look for announcements about these meetings in the weekly email and as part of the Sunday service.

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