New Building Update For June 2019 – Here We Go


Here We Go!
Seattle Unity’s New Building Update

The final services in our existing building at the end of May marks a significant step in the building project that we are walking through together.

Here are the answers to some of those burning questions about our new building project….

What is happening with the Tapestries?

We are grateful that the Interfaith Community led by Imam Jamal Rahman has asked to take the tapestries and provide them a new home. The values of the Interfaith Community aligns with Seattle Unity’s and the ideals of the Tapestry project making it the perfect next place for the tapestries. We bless them as they go forth to continue to do their work in the world.

When will actual demolition happen?

As of now it is scheduled for August. When we have exact dates we will notify the community for those that would like to witness the process. I appreciate Scott Caldwell’s comment, that it is like bearing witness to someone’s dying process. Doing so for our existing church home can be an important part of the grieving process and a way to find closure.

Can I have a brick from the Chapel as a remembrance?

Asbestos is contained in the mortar between the Chapel bricks and therefore will be part of the abatement removal by Rhine construction in July. Casey Longacre and others have removed several of the stones surrounding the Chapel. Some of these will be used in the new building landscape, however if you would like a stone please contact Diane Robertson.

When does construction begin?

Once demolition is complete then Greystar’s general contractor, Turner, will begin excavation and construction of the parking garage in late summer early fall. This initial phase will take approximately 1 year. Our general contractor, Seabay is scheduled to begin construction of our new Seattle Unity home in fall of 2020.

Where are the church offices?

Our Seattle Unity office will be in shared WeWork office space at 500 Yale Ave N, Seattle 98109.

Our new mailing address is:

508 Yale Ave N Box 191
Seattle, WA 98109

We want to stay connected and be sure you are receiving updates as they happen, so if you have not already done so be sure you have signed in to our Breeze congregant database to update your preferences. If you are already in Breeze you should have received an email from Tamara with instructions on how to update your preferences.

Check out the latest organizational chart [live link] to see these changes and the entire project team.

Additional Questions? See our updated FAQ sheet or contact Diane Robertson or 206.622.8475.