New Building Update For July 2019 – Release and Let Go

Release and Let Go.

The month of June was marked by a flurry of activity to clear out our existing building, finding new homes for as much as possible.  Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • We had two rummage sales where people in the community connected with some treasures.
  • We were able to donate many of the smaller items such as kitchen and office supplies, children’s toys, and books to Value Village.
  • Habitat for Humanity picked up a truck load of residential furniture that will be sold to support their mission.
  • 3R Technology picked up a truckload of computers, phones, and electronics so these items could be responsibly recycled.
  • There are many items that have gone to our neighbors, the Lutheran Church across the street, the Fremont Arts Council, and the Fremont Abbey.
  • Unused supplies have gone to Mary’s Place and other non-profits.
  • Jamal and volunteers from the Interfaith Community came to move the tapestries to their new home in the Interfaith Community Thank you Annie and Meg for helping coordinate this.

A HUGE Thank You to Terry Loving for working with so many moving parts and people to make this happen!  And thank you, thank you to everyone that has come to lend a hand – it truly has been a community project.

What’s next?

Our General Contractor, Seabay, will be onsite in the next few weeks to salvage items in our existing building that may be reused in our new building.  Our architectural team from Olson Kundig are still reviewing possibilities for reuse.

We are scheduled to close on the sale of the property late July pending Greystar’s obtaining their Master Use Permit from the City of Seattle.

Abatement work will take approximately three weeks following closing of the sale. Demolition is planned for August.  As we get closer to the start of demolition we will inform the community so that those that wish can be present.

Check out the latest organizational chart [live link] to see these changes and the entire project team.

Additional Questions? See our updated FAQ sheet or contact Diane Robertson or 206.622.8475.