New Building Update For August 2019 – SOLD

– SOLD – 

Seattle Unity and Greystar closed this week on the sale of the northern two-thirds of the Seattle Unity property at 200 8th Ave N. This is a major milestone in a long journey that began in 2012 when there was a query about selling the parking lot adjacent to our building. Seattle Unity was also facing significant improvement costs for an aging building. As a community we were willing to face the reality that our beloved existing building was no longer serving the needs of our community efficiently and effectively.

As a result we had many meetings from 2012 through 2016 to decide the direction of our community. Our mission statement has remained a touchstone and the section which states, “thriving in the heart of Seattle” was part of what guided the decision to stay in South Lake Union next to Denny Park.

Through conversations at community meetings it became clear that the majority of our members also wanted Seattle Unity to continue to have autonomy with respect to its physical home. All of these factors and more led us to the vote to sell two-thirds of the property and use the proceeds to build a new spiritual home on the remaining third.

We have been blessed by the Seattle Unity Visioning (SUV) team who has shepherded this process since the beginning; and the expertise of Tom Curran and Faith Ireland who have led the initial phases to invite buyers and evaluate offers, all the way through the complex contracting process with Greystar. We are grateful to Tom’s leadership and dedication.

We are grateful to Rev Karen for her leadership and supporting our community in maintaining a spiritual center, as we walk through this change thoughtfully.

October 6 following the service at Metropolist we will have a community meeting to update everyone on the new building project. There will be a review of the project team, budget, and schedule; as well as time for Q&A.

Have questions before that time? Find me on a Sunday, call (206.622.8475 x152) or email.

We are a welcoming spiritual community, thriving in the heart of Seattle celebrating, inspiring, and deepening our individual and collective spiritual journeys.

We are living this as we walk through these next two years together during the construction of our new Seattle Unity home.