New Building: Time Capsule Ceremony

New Building: Time Capsule Ceremony

Thank you to Scott Caldwell, Cindy McComish, Susan Brower and Marcia Rutan for their contributions as part of the Time Capsule team, helping to compile all of he items and draft the letter that was included with a description of items.  A letter from Rev Karen was also included.  And a big thank you to everyone’s ideas that were sent in.  It made for a wonderfully rich time capsule with items that tell the story of Seattle Unity, the larger Unity movement, the local area, national, and global issues.

The time capsule was placed in one of the west walls in lobby on the ground floor.  A plaque will be added on the wall indicating its location and the intention that it be opened in 2071.  Due to the limited number of people that can be on the construction site at any one time, there were representatives from the Board, Prayer Chaplains, SUV, Finance Team, and Staff.  As we get closer to the end of construction we will be providing walk-throughs of our new spiritual home to small groups.

Letters to the Future:

Letter from the Congregation     Letter from Rev. Karen

Items Include:

A selection of items included in the Time Capsule.

The Time Capsule itself, ready to be placed into the ongoing construction of the new building!

Two of our wonderful Time Capsule Team Members (Cindy McComish & Scott Caldwell) modeling included items.


Thank you for your continued prayers and good intentions

for the success of the project and

blessings for future generations!