Director Erin McGaughan brings our own community members together with local professional artists, to create deep and dynamic music and visuals for all our Sunday services.

You can become part of these Worship Arts teams by emailing Erin at

Inclusivity is a core value here, so even if you’re not sure you have enormous talents, consider offering your time in this joyful way. Maybe you have hidden aptitudes for creating a welcoming atmosphere, contributing vocal support, technical skills, or visual ideas for enriching our worship. Don’t be shy about stepping up.

I’m a first-timer – what kind of music is it, exactly?

Contemporary, eclectic, multicultural, more energetic than some places. We use a mixture of sacred and secular sources, as well as plenty of interfaith repertoire. Each service includes something old and something new, centered on the minister’s talk topic for the day.

To taste a bit of what our services are really like, try these recent podcasts. You can also find out about upcoming services here.

We hope to see you in person this Sunday.

Fair Trade Music

Seattle Unity is a proud signatory to the Fair Trade Music Seattle community standards.  Find out more about FTM here.