In the Wider Unity World: Digital Archives

Myrtle Fillmore

Unity World Headquarters (UWH) houses archives at Unity Village with vast collection from more than a century of Unity and New Thought writings, audio, and video recordings. In their paper format, many of the early letters and writings of co-founders Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, and other authors and teachers over the decades were inaccessible to most people.

In order to preserve the collection and make it more accessible to more people in this digital age, UWH brought HistoryIT in as a partner to preserve and digitize its archives.  They began with the Myrtle Fillmore collection, which includes 36,920 pages!  The collection can be viewed at

HistoryIT is continuing with the Charles Fillmore and Eric Butterworth collections. UWH has an ambitious goal of digitizing its entire collection in the coming years, providing a rich resource of Unity and New Thought teachings for generations.