Seattle Unity History

“How do you handle it when things end? Can you embrace the groundlessness?”

In this final service in this particular building, Rev. Karen honors our history and leads us through this graceful transition moment.  She pays homage to the many generations of spiritual leaders who built this ministry, culminating in the chaplaincy that has made it possible for us to enter into this “gooey” present moment, with kindness, consciousness, and compassion.


Choice Point Sermon

In this December 6th, 2015 service called “Choice Point,” Rev. Karen Lindvig guides the Seattle Unity Community through the story of the church building (built in 1959), and the process of dealing with it, as it ages. She made a decision to bring the normal “business” activities of dealing with options for the building from meetings outside of the Sunday service into the Sunday service itself. The title “Choice Point” reflects the place the Community has arrived for the building.

The videos below are in sequence, and show much of the story-telling part of the service concerning the choice point the Community has arrived at regarding the aging building.