Greetings from your Board Chair

Greetings from your new Board Chair

July 16, 2014

Dear Fellow Congregants,

Gerald Schley It is my pleasure to serve as your Board Chair during these exciting times.  As we look around South Lake Union, we see a lot of change and growth.  We have a wonderful opportunity to be a part of this change and grow our spiritual community, as we continue to thrive, celebrate, inspire and deepen our spiritual journeys.

The Board of Trustees would like to thank the congregation for their generosity on Easter Sunday.  The Board contributed $12,000 in seed money and the congregation responded and together we raised over $31,000 this year versus $27,000 last year, an increase of 15%.  We sincerely appreciate your willingness to join with us as we continue this efficient new way of fundraising.  Through your giving you have deepened your involvement and connection to our spiritual community.  We are practicing the universal law that teaches us: “as we give so shall we receive”  May the blessings you share return to you a thousand times over in prosperity and abundance.

There is another way to help fund Seattle Unity. has a program funded by their foundation called Amazon Smile.  The foundation will donate 0.5% to Seattle Unity on all of our purchases.  Please go to, bookmark it, and designate Seattle Unity as your charity.

Members of the Board and the Seattle Unity Visioning team will host meetings on the third Sunday of each month to update the congregations on our progress with the redevelopment of our property and to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  We held our first meeting on 6/15.  The minutes to that meeting will be posted to our website soon.

The next update meeting will be 8/17 at 11:30.   Please go to our website, click on “what’s new” (upper right) and get timely updates.  We welcome your feedback, questions and comments so let your voice be heard.

Thanks again for your loving support of our spiritual community.

In loving service,

Gerald Schley, Board Chair