Greetings from your Board Chair

Dear Fellow Congregants,

Debbie Lee Board ChairHere it is June already and we are halfway through 2013!

The Board took a giant leap with respect to our fund raising plan this year and we hope to make it a tradition. This year, we made a “one time call” to the congregation on Easter Sunday to raise our $50,000 fund raising section of the annual budget. To get the momentum going, the board contributed seed money in the amount of $10,000. We announced this in advance the week before Easter and on Easter Sunday and the weeks that followed, we have collected $27,288 – over half of our goal! We are grateful and blessed to have received such a wonderful response with this new idea, and I understand that not everyone got the news.

This is a new way to handle fund raising and I would like to take this opportunity to reach out to those that may have not heard about it. We hope, as the congregation gets acquainted with this change, that we will fully meet our goals on Easter Sunday each year. You will hear more at the annual meeting in February to prepare for Easters ahead. By doing it this way, we save $10,000 in expenses and it frees the board members up a bit to dedicate more time to the teams they are leading. Our board is talented and their leadership is obvious in the community. We appreciate your support in this change.

In the meantime, we still have $12,712 to go this year. Rev. Karen has graciously scheduled an astrology workshop called “The Living Cosmos” on July 13th that will serve as a fundraiser.

Please review your giving and make your contribution if you haven’t already done so, so we can be sure to meet budget this year. Other social events are in the making for fall and if we need to we will do Asks at those events this year as well.

Thank you all for your loving participation and generosity. Grab your friends and join us for Rev. Karen’s “Living Cosmos”! Announcements and tickets will be available soon. I have attended one in the past and it was AMAZING!

Peace and blessings, Deborah Lee, Board Chair