Greetings from your outgoing Board Chair

February 18, 2014

Debbie Lee Board Chair

Dear Fellow Congregants,

We were blessed with a very successful 2013, and now that the calendar has turned, my time as Board Chair has concluded.  I am looking forward to seeing where Spirit guides me for the next two years of service on the Seattle Unity Board of Trustees.  Our new Board President is the gifted, talented, and newly re-elected Mr. Gerry Schley!  Gerry ‘s loving wisdom will be a blessing to us all at Seattle Unity for the next two years.

As you know, the Board took a giant leap with respect to our fundraising plan last year when we made the “one time call” to the congregation on Easter Sunday to raise our $50,000 fundraising section of the annual budget. Reverend Karen held a fabulous Astrology workshop and we kept our promise for a FUN PARTY last fall with the Red Carpet Event where we dressed up as our favorite Hollywood movie stars!  These combined efforts brought us to our goal for fundraising in 2013!   Thank you for your loving support and participation!   We will be making “the call” again this Easter, so thank you in advance for your generous support of the goals you placed before us again this year.

If you were at the Annual Meeting on February 9th, you made it through the snow!  Thank you!   The Annual Meeting was surprisingly well attended with 89 voting members present.  Many non- members were present as well and we thank everyone for the interest shown in our past, present and future!  One of the key points of excitement surrounded the work of the S.U.V. Team with regard to the redevelopment of the property.   A presentation was done by Hewitt Architects with some basic information about how we could redevelop our property.  The members overwhelming voted YES to proceed by granting permission to formally look for ways to finance the redevelopment of our property!    We look forward to 2014 as the many possibilities continue to unfold.  The Board will keep the project in front of the congregation every step of the way.

We lovingly say thank you to our parting board members, Karl Tegtmeyer, Louise Carnachan, and Gail Crumpton.  You have each been a blessing in your loving service to the board and our community!  We lovingly welcome our new board members, Faith Ireland, Jim Fotter, and Jennifer Bolles.  More to come from Gerry in the near future with regard to our plans for 2014!

Peace and blessings,

Deborah Lee

Board Chair 2013