The First-Ever Mystic Fair

Our first-ever Mystic Fair was a great success!

August 20th, our Board of Trustees, led by  Carl Woestwin & Andrea Cariño, brought into existence something many at Seattle Unity have talked about doing for years.

Seems a natural fit, doesn’t it? Our talented congregation abounds with talent, (and others heard and joined in from outside the congregation). They all get together in one place, at one time, and everyone else gets to conveniently sample a number of different modalities they’re interested in.

Here’s a few words about the Fair from the hardworking Carl and Andrea:

Andrea: The people who showed up – from so many communities – brought new energy and an tangible feeling. We shared ourselves and our community and they shared themselves with us. It was the alchemy of co-mingling!

Carl: As my wife Marcia reminded me, the beginnings of unity focused on healing. Walking around the Mystic Fair, I could feel healing everywhere!

A slideshow from the Fair.
(Thanks to the photographers – Marcia Rutan & Annie Christensen & any I don’t know about)

This particular Mystic Fair offered the following amazing array:

  • Pranic healers Louis Mason, Eduardo Sztokbant, Kristina Vandos, James, Art, and John
  • Reiki practitioners Kathleen Bohlken,  Diana Balgaard and Rosalyn McCort
  • Massage therapists Diane Robertson and Gayle Lockhart
  • Hypnotherapist DiDi Graves
  • Coach Rose Harrow
  • Animal Communicator Darcy Pariso
  • Astrologer Karen Lindvig
  • Graphologist Evelyn Reingold
  • Psychic reader Gail Donnelly
  • Ho’oponopono practitioner HenryLynn Kau’l Auwae
  • EFT/tapping practitioner Jay Thompson
  • Coach Keia Trystyn Del Rosario
  • Shaman Mícheál Cole
  • Tarot & Numerologist Colette Crosnier
  • Essential oils practitioners Melissa Reslock and Jilena Alpert
  • Sound bath sessions with Andrea Cariño, Shantau Fellows, and Alida Schuh
  • Kids’ yoga, art and storytelling with Julia Nathe, Kristin Alana, and Sandi Didrichsen
  • Meditation with Seattle Peace Project Troy Reicheter
  • Musician William Wolford

AND a performance and workshop by the Jet City Saber Guild


If you were unfortunate enough to miss it, look for our next Mystic Fair, anticipated for the spring of 2018!