Seattle Unity, Outreach, & Faith Action Network!

Greetings from the Outreach Team! We have an important news update for you.  In addition to our ongoing partnerships with longtime local neighbors including Compass Housing Alliance and Mary’s Place, Seattle Unity just joined Faith Action Network!

Faith Action Network is an interfaith, statewide partnership of 150+ different faith organizations, striving for a just, compassionate, and sustainable world through community building, education, and courageous public action.

(A big thank you to Lyn McKay and Diane Robertson for all your hard work on this!)

Exciting news, AND this means our Outreach team needs donations:

Please give:

  1. Through the website using the Donate button in the top right corner of each page.  Then enter the amount and use the drop-down to choose Outreach.
  2. Or you can text to give: 206.350.8448 (enter the word,  GIVE  ). You’ll then be prompted for how much – enter your amount and the word   OUTREACH   ) So it will look something like this:   $50 outreach  .  Then follow the prompts to complete your gift.

Outreach is also eagerly welcoming new members. As team member Dian Brennan puts it “There are tons of volunteer opportunities here, folks!”  Contact Dirk Larimer at to join.

Finally, many thanks to Carl Woestwin, Inez Lindsey, and all the other Outreach team members, volunteers and donors who have kept this element of sacred service alive during Covid.

Thank you for your generosity!