Writing In Community: Even When We Get Stuck…

Our little writing room was packed full with 11 writers in attendance. As always, anyone is free to write about anything they want, but I suggest a topic and, more of than not, that’s what most people go with. This month, the topic I suggested was “Write about a place.”

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this month’s gathering was that so many of us chose to write about a place from our past. Some of us reached all the way back to childhood to savor a memory or tell a good story.

But one of us—me—got stuck. I wasn’t intentionally trying to get stuck (who is?), but after writing just a bit, I couldn’t write a word more. And that doesn’t happen too often to me. Fortunately, my fellow writers were right there to help.

I was writing about my childhood home. It had recently been purchased and completely remodeled. The remodel was stunning—so much so that it took me by surprise. I didn’t know how I felt about it. But however I felt, it wasn’t good.

This is where the other writers stepped in to talk with me. At least half a dozen people had something to say, some way of helping me understand what I was feeling. I deeply appreciate the time they took to talk with me about my quandary.

To me, this is the true value of Writing in Community. We’re there to write, but it’s the fact that we write together as a community that is so significant, I think. For me, having the input of other writers is what often turns confusion into clarity and clarity into comfort.

Writing is an individual sport. But Writing in Community is a team game. And we all play together on the same team. Each time we meet, no matter how many of us there are or who is sitting around the table, the feeling is always one of encouragement, support, and goodwill.

If this is the kind of writing experience you’re looking for (and who isn’t, really), join us on the second Sunday of each month. Even as our group expands, the table we share and the generosity of spirit we bring to our experience are infinite. We hope to see you at a future session.