Designing the Dream a Great Success!

Lead Architects
Lead Architects

Our first Designing the Dream session (“meet the architects”) with Olson Kundig was a rousing success!

Opening with a prayer by Pastoral Care Director Diane Robertson, we then had an introduction and brief history by Scott Caldwell, of the process by which we came to be designing a new church home. Following that, our chosen architects from Olson Kundig introduced themselves (there’s a whole team there for us!).

Mr Kundig - our site
Mr. Kundig talking of our site

Mr. Kundig spoke of how honored the team was – that to create sacred space is the highest calling an architect can dream of.

We then broke us out into table discussions. Topics for the various tables were: Sacred Spaces, Community, Light + Sound, Expression, Image + Identity, Site, Materials + Sustainability, and Current Facilities.

Each participant (there were about 100) got to take part in 3 table sessions on their favorite 3 topics.

We deeply appreciate the excellent leadership and scribe services from our table leaders: Desi Bailey, Scott Caldwell, Louise Carnachan, Dahlia Cohen, Dayna Cole, Jim Fotter, Nancy Glaser, Faith Ireland, Heidi Nathe, and Gerry Schley.

Discussions were robust, and detailed. Notes were taken at all tables, and these were summarized at the end of the meeting, and were passed on to the architects.

For those unable to attend this session, this meeting will be repeated on Thursday September 29th from 7 to 9 pm.

Here’s a slideshow of the meeting.

Thanks, Jeffry and Annie, for the pictures! As you can see, we did a LOT of talking – and a lot of listening.