Seattle Unity Covid-19 Safety Plan for In-Person Events

Intention Statement:

Seattle Unity will comply with government regulations and take actions to set up the safest possible environment for our team members and guests.  We will follow all guidelines outlined in the Phased “Religious and Faith-based Organization COVID-19 Requirements” including the ones incorporated in this reference sheet.

It is the policy of Seattle Unity that staff and Board members will not ask community members whether they have been vaccinated.  We will treat everyone as if they have not been vaccinated and manage the site in accordance with this.

Community Visitors:

  • Anyone that wishes to attend a Sunday morning service in person must pre-register. There are limited available spaces, so please do not register if you are uncertain you can attend.  If you are not feeling well, please remain at home.
  • Registration for each Sunday will open the prior Sunday afternoon and close at noon on Friday.
  • Please note: by attending in-person you agree to follow the guidelines in this Safety Plan and understand that Seattle Unity is not responsible beyond the specific actions documented in this plan.
  • People that are pre-registered will be allowed entry at 9:30 am. There will be no seating after 9:50 am.
  • Everyone in attendance must leave the premises by 11:15 am.
  • If you would like to attend online Fellowship, you must return home or find a location other than Metropolist to join.
  • There will be no food or drinks provided onsite.
  • There will be no childcare or youth programs. Children must sit with parents or adult guardians in the service.

All people present on site must:

  • Self-screen for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 before arriving at the location. (this includes checking your temperature to ensure it is less than 100.4°F)
  • Wear cloth face coverings (except service leader or speaker).
  • Maintain six feet (6’) of physical distancing between households. This means no hugging or hand shakes.
  • Please note: Any individual with a household member who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or with symptoms of COVID-19 (including a fever above 100.4°F within the past 14 days) may not attend the service or attend work at the organization.
  • Please enter through the front door at 1st

Seattle Unity will:

  • Provide this COVID-19 safety plan for all individuals attending in-person services.
  • Clean and sanitize following the cleaning guidelines set by the CDC.
  • Maintain 6-foot social distancing (or use of physical barriers.)
  • Require PPE
    • Cloth face coverings must be worn by everyone onsite at all times other than the speaker and music soloists while they are presenting during the service. Anyone not wearing a face covering will be asked to put one on.  If someone refuses to wear one, they will be asked to leave the site.
  • Encourage frequent handwashing.
  • Post a sign at the entrance that says face coverings are required.
  • COVID-19 safety information and requirements shall be visibly posted.
  • Have a COVID-19 supervisor to monitor and enforce the COVID-19 Safety Plan (this document).
  • Implement COVID-19 exposure control, mitigation, and recovery as needed. This includes policies regarding the following control measures:
    • PPE utilization; on-location physical distancing; hygiene; sanitation; symptom monitoring; incident reporting; location disinfection procedures; COVID-19 safety training; exposure response procedures and a post-exposure incident project-wide recovery plan.
    • Coordinate with Metropolist staff as needed to ensure cleaning and disinfection protocols are being followed.
  • Have a copy of the plan available at the location for inspection by state and local authorities.

Restrooms & Handwashing

  • Access to restrooms and hand washing areas are provided onsite.
  • Soap and running water shall be abundantly provided at locations for frequent handwashing.
  • Employees are required to wash hands before and after going to the bathroom, before and after eating and after coughing, sneezing or blowing their nose.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizers with greater than 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol will be provided onsite.

Cleaning, Disinfecting, & the Space

  • Disinfectants will be available to employees, members, and visitors throughout the location and cleaning supplies will be frequently replenished.
  • Ensure that tissues and trashcans are placed throughout the location.
  • Increase ventilation rates where feasible – doors open depending on weather.

Post-exposure incident project-wide recovery plan:

  • If, after the service and up to 15 days, you have Covid symptoms or test positive for Covid, please contact Karen R. Smith ( as soon as possible.
  • We will keep a log and notify people who have potentially been exposed for up to 15 days.

Worker safety and health:

  • An employee may refuse to perform unsafe work, including hazards created by COVID-19. And, it is unlawful for the employer to take adverse action against such an employee.
  • Seattle Unity will provide high-risk individuals with their choice of access to available employer-granted accrued leave or unemployment benefits if an alternative work arrangement is not feasible.
  • Additional information is available at Novel Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19) Resources and Paid Leave under the Washington Family Care Act and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.
  • Employee workplace safety and health complaints may be submitted to the DOSH Call Center: (1-800-423-7233) or via e-mail to
  • All other violations related to Proclamation 20-25, et seq., can be submitted at