New Building: Concrete Poured for Levels 1, 2, 3!

Following the completion of the structural steel last month,  the next phase was ready to proceed. This month the concrete is poured for each of the floors.  Electrical raceway, mechanical sleeves, and plumbing sleeves and piping are all installed at each level prior to the concrete pour.

Our General Contractor, SeaBay oversees all site work and all subcontractors.  OEG is our electrical subcontractor.  PSF is our mechanical and plumbing subcontractor.

Inspections are completed regularly.  Our architects from Olson Kundig and Julie Lawton, our Project Manager, are working closely with SeaBay to ensure that what is being constructed aligns with the vision that started with the community several years ago.

As the concrete is completed on each floor, the exterior walls are starting to be constructed.  Electrical, mechanical, and plumbing work continues on each level.

Scott Caldwell of the SUV and Cindy McComish of the Board are assisting with creating a small time capsule that will be placed in one of the walls.

Some ideas already shared are newspaper clippings from the original building or a Daily Word.  What are your ideas?  Please email them to Diane Robertson by March 15th.