Prayer Chaplains

What is a Prayer Chaplain?

  • Prayer Chaplains are volunteers that are trained to provide prayer support to the community.
  • A Prayer Chaplain is someone who can create and hold sacred space with you. To hold sacred space means to embrace a consciousness of possibility.
  • Prayer Chaplains listen to you and hold what is heard in confidence.
  • Prayer Chaplains are available to pray with you following Sunday services.
  • Prayer Chaplains call Seattle Unity members monthly to offer prayer support.
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Becoming a Prayer Chaplain

The prayer chaplaincy program is for those who are looking to deepen their connection to Spirit though prayer and sacred service. Prayer Chaplains serve the Seattle Unity community by offering individual prayer on Sunday mornings and through monthly calls. Prayer Chaplains connect to the community in a deep and meaningful way by holding sacred space and practicing kindness and compassion. To serve as a Prayer Chaplain:

  • You must be an active member of Seattle Unity
  • Have recently taken Seattle Unity’s prayer class
  • Attend the annual training

Want to know more?

Contact Diane Robertson, Associate Minister