Building Art Series: The Story Behind the Story – Discovering & Procuring the Art of Inese Westcott

An Interview with Kathleen Bohlken, by Chieko (Susan) Brower

Dancing Pine with (left to right) Rev. Diane Robertson, Interior Designer Kathleen Bohlken, & Artist Inese Westcott, 
Photo courtesy of Kathleen Bohlken.


Behind the stories of the art and artists in Seattle Unity’s new building, there is often another story about the discovery of the artist and the procurement of their art. Esteemed interior designer and Seattle Unity member Kathleen Bohlken has been deeply involved in all facets of the art installations in the new building. As a designer, she has found the universe has always been her partner and “…the perfect thing always comes.” Asked about the story of finding and installing Inese Westcott’s art, Kathleen states emphatically, “She’s a divine gift and a joy to work with in every way,” and adds that at the end of this journey when the final painting had been hung, “…everything about it was perfect in every way.”


Inese and her family were design clients of Kathleen’s, referred to her by a vendor. A colleague of Inese’s husband had mentioned that Inese was a really good artist, and Kathleen asked Inese to send photos for consideration for the Seattle Unity art project. Kathleen sent Inese photos of art that she liked and described the feeling she wanted to create in the new building, i.e., the feeling of the northwest, the trees, and the feeling of growth that would come from the trees’ grandeur, as well as the connection to earth, sky and spirit that trees represent.

Dancing Pine with (left to right) Evan & Inese Westcott,
Evan’s Employee Valentine, Rev. Diane Robertson, Facility Caretaker Michael O’Larick. 
Photo by Kathleen Bohlken.


Inese provided an array of options and Associate Minister Diane Robertson and Kathleen chose several that had the northwest, mystical feel they were looking for. For the final decisions, Inese was asked to bring the chosen pieces of artwork to the new building. Inese and her husband Evan came into town from the San Juan Islands, bringing the pre-selected pieces along with a few extra paintings for consideration as well. Most of the day was spent at the church, hanging the six paintings ultimately chosen to grace the walls of the new church building.



There were myriad steps along the way, each unfolding in divine order until the entire manifestation process was complete. The results? Magical!


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