Building Art Series: ‘Spectrum” & “Unity Lights” by Artist Jennifer Bolles

Unity Lights by Jennifer Bolles (Photo courtesy of Steve Peha)

Look closely at artist Jennifer Bolles’ Unity Lights triptych (right) and her Spectrum diptych (below) and discover delightfully unexpected details that lift the spirit in much the same way the artist’s buoyant essence uplifts those who engage with her. Both works of art were specifically designed for Seattle Unity, and their respective paths to manifestation reflect the organic, dynamic, and spiritually inspired nature of Jennifer’s creative process.

Unity Lights had as its starting point Seattle Unity’s theme colors. Liquid paints were poured onto the surface in an art method known as paint pouring.  In this technique, fluid paints swirl together and take on a life of their own, blending together based on the specific gravity of each color. The artist can then add external manipulations of the paint, for example, by tilting the surface of the artwork, using paper, heat or a tool to scrape, blow or brush paints in a certain direction, or adding a solvent to create cells or bubbles in the paint. An up-close view of this artwork unveils the surprising range of color and amazing intricacies in Jennifer’s masterful engagement with the blended paints. Looking closer, the addition of the Seattle Unity logo reveals a third dimension to what initially appeared to be a two-dimensional piece.

Spectrum by Jennifer Bolles (Photo courtesy of Steve Peha)

Spectrum evolved out of Jennifer’s reflections on the diversity of the Seattle Unity community, with the colors chosen for the paint pour representing this treasured rainbow spectrum of humanity. The range of colors is so rich, the patterns so intricate, and the unique ways in which this rainbow spectrum blends together is totally mesmerizing. What Jennifer particularly enjoyed in bringing this art to life was realizing this swirling chemistry of the paints was very much like the swirling chemistry that happens in her Seattle Unity community! This is the heart of what she loves about this type of art: dynamic, alive, free flowing, infused with spirit, and a delightful co-creative collaboration of elements and forces both seen and unseen!

Jennifer encourages everyone to take to heart what SU Worship Arts Director Erin McGaughan says, i.e., artistic expression is a divine birthright.  Do whatever one feels called to do; let creativity be both a meditation and divine communion with spirit!

Bolles with Spectrum (Photo courtesy of Steve Peha)


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Unity Lights and Spectrum by Jennifer Bolles are located on Level 1, across from the Ministers’ Office and in the entry to the stairwell.