Building Art Series: Community, A Painting by Marika Reinke

Artist: Marika Reinke
Location: L2 lobby near Meditation Hall

Marika Reinke, Artist

Community, from artist Marika Reinke’s Soul Spirit Collection, is one of sixteen pieces “Inspired by the co-creative spirit that walks, plays, flies, falls and dances in all of us.” This collection was a search for freedom in creativity and evolved into expressions of varied components of the artist’s soul. This painting came into manifestation as she pondered the meaning of community, having returned from living a year and a half in Costa Rica and experiencing community in new ways. She realized community is “…not just place-oriented, but time-oriented,” leading her to reflect on “…who is in our lives, no matter the place or time?”

This dynamic, reflective process happens often as Marika creates her art. She is “…fascinated by liminal spaces between our inner and outer world” and finds that each work of art has its own unique unfoldment that illuminates this mystical territory. The initial seed might be an idea or an image seeking further development; another time, the medium itself might be the inspiration, such as when the flow of paint becomes the catalyst for further creative exploration. Every moment is a new and profound discovery!

Marika is an intuitive painter whose mission “…is to craft a Life of Art in order to make a real difference through the pursuit of passion.” “A Life of Art is deliberately striving for a full and meaningful life through a creative process.” She is firmly grounded in this process and her works exude an organic, deeply rooted joy that soothes the soul. When asked how her connection to this joy has fared through the pandemic and the current state of the world, she remarked that the pandemic was “…a very spiritual growing time” and that she finds herself more optimistic than ever before. She also stated unequivocally that she “…finds joy in the mystery of not knowing.” She wants to lead by example: “If we were all following our passions, the world would not be so troubled.”

Read more about Marika and enjoy her full portfolio at: She welcomes visitors to her studio and can be reached at


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