Building Art Information

This page showcases some of the magnificent art pieces Seattle Unity hosts.

Our Blog's Building Art Series is published below, with an ongoing series of fabulous articles from Chieko (Susan) Brower about individual pieces and the artists.

Building Art Series: Hope, by Heidi Marsh

By Chieko (Susan) Brower | July 3, 2023

Seattle Unity’s new building is home to some magnificent art pieces, and we have recently added a webpage to showcase them: This is part of a blog series featuring building art and artists, including this article on the photography of artist Heidi Marsh.  You can view this piece on L1 near the door to the Finance…

Building Art Series: The Story Behind the Story – Discovering & Procuring the Art of Inese Westcott

By Chieko (Susan) Brower | March 31, 2023

An Interview with Kathleen Bohlken, by Chieko (Susan) Brower   Behind the stories of the art and artists in Seattle Unity’s new building, there is often another story about the discovery of the artist and the procurement of their art. Esteemed interior designer and Seattle Unity member Kathleen Bohlken has been deeply involved in all…

Building Art Series: Six-Painting Series by Artist Inese Westcott

By Chieko (Susan) Brower | March 30, 2023

Seattle Unity’s new building is graced with six paintings by artist Inese Westcott: The Light in the Forest, By the Lake, Forest Light, Dancing Pine, Tree Life, and Ocean Blue.   Invite artist Inese Westcott to talk about her art and creative process, and she will in turn extend an invitation to walk the land…

Building Art Series: ‘Spectrum” & “Unity Lights” by Artist Jennifer Bolles

By Chieko (Susan) Brower | March 21, 2023

Look closely at artist Jennifer Bolles’ Unity Lights triptych (right) and her Spectrum diptych (below) and discover delightfully unexpected details that lift the spirit in much the same way the artist’s buoyant essence uplifts those who engage with her. Both works of art were specifically designed for Seattle Unity, and their respective paths to manifestation reflect the…

Building Art Series: ‘Great Buddha’ & ‘Kutna Hora Ossuary’ by Photographer Rob Tilley

By Chieko (Susan) Brower | February 1, 2023

When asked what intrigued him to capture the image Great Buddha in the way he did, Rob Tilley responded: “…It is often said that the eyes are a window into a person’s soul. I think focusing on just a small portion of the Buddha allows the viewer to visualize what the rest of this impressive…

Building Art Series: Community, A Painting by Marika Reinke

By Chieko (Susan) Brower | January 4, 2023

Community Painting Artist: Marika Reinke Location: L2 lobby near Meditation Hall Community, from artist Marika Reinke’s Soul Spirit Collection, is one of sixteen pieces “Inspired by the co-creative spirit that walks, plays, flies, falls and dances in all of us.” This collection was a search for freedom in creativity and evolved into expressions of varied…

Building Art Series: Hope Always, A Quilt by Carolyn Maia Burton

By Chieko (Susan) Brower | November 20, 2022

Hope Always Textile – Wall Hanging Quilt Artist: Carolyn Maia Burton Location: L2 near stairwell   In this stunning and compelling art quilt, vibrant and powerful rays of Light emanate from a divine center, permeating the darkness and chaos of the present moment and blessing the earth with the sweet gift of hope. This divine…

Chieko (Susan) Brower

About Chieko:

I was delighted to be asked to take part in this project, having lived in the midst of (and been inspired by) creative individuals my entire life. I am also grateful for a treasured opportunity to connect with our community when family responsibilities are keeping me home bound. Seattle Unity has been part of my life since 1980 when Scott and Judy Sherman were leading the congregation; I was also married in our beloved old chapel in 1982. Unity teachings have endured as a core component of my spiritual practice ever since those early days, providing solid ground through myriad life challenges!