Building Art Series: Hope Always, A Quilt by Carolyn Maia Burton

Hope Always
Textile – Wall Hanging Quilt
Artist: Carolyn Maia Burton
Location: L2 near stairwell


In this stunning and compelling art quilt, vibrant and powerful rays of Light emanate from a divine center, permeating the darkness and chaos of the present moment and blessing the earth with the sweet gift of hope. This divine center could be called Spirit, or Buddha, or God or whatever appellation the viewer applies to this essence that gives life to the universe and everything within it.

Speaking with artist Carolyn Maia Burton, it becomes readily apparent she lives and breathes creativity. She came to Seattle some 40 years ago from her native London to sing with the Seattle Opera Company. Having grown up with an artist father who loved hand crafts, she also developed and cultivated this same love. She knitted, sewed clothes for her children, and then discovered art quilting around 2014. An introduction to the Contemporary Quilt Art Association ( lit a creative fire in her for this very intricate and challenging mode of expression.

Carolyn created this quilt pre-pandemic in 2017 but notes that it certainly addresses the pandemic as well as the current acute need to find hope in times of darkness. The inspiration for the piece emerged from having had to bear witness to her beloved husband Martin’s transition after 37 years of a deeply cherished marriage. She admits the thought crossed her mind when creating the quilt that it would be wonderful if the finished piece could be shared with Seattle Unity, as her introduction to SU came when her husband was in hospice and the chaplain, Christina, turned out to be a Unity minister. Carolyn immediately felt at home at SU and has learned so much as she has developed her Unity-inspired spiritual practices. She wants to share with the congregation that she is so happy to be part of the Seattle Unity family!

Hope Always is featured on Seattle Unity’s holiday card this year!


Welcome to the Seattle Unity Building Art Series!  Many thanks to Chieko (Susan) Brower for her generous donation of time and written articles in the series.  More fabulous articles from her, and more information about our art, at Seattle Unity Building Art.