Our vibrant and fascinating Youth and Families Director is Leah Mann. Her passion for education, spirituality and art is a joy to behold! 

From Leah: “I am jazzed to bring my multi disciplinary skill set to the youth of Seattle Unity. It is an honor to be part of nurturing a sense of belonging and loving responsiveness to the world with the youth of Seattle Unity.”

Leah has a BSed from the University of GA and has worked with youth for over 30 years.

She is a performing artist, activist, and teacher to people of all ages, primarily using her art skill set for whole body curricular reinforcement, STEM education and personal development.

Leah co-founded an urban youth organization, Moving in the Spirit, using dance to develop life skills. It is still thriving in Atlanta GA (30 yrs) and she remains artistic director emeritus.

She founded an arts in medicine program at UW and Harborview, 2003-08, bringing movement and music to patients and their families on wards and at bedside. She has taught with Arts Corps and the Nature Consortium, as well as doing arts education residencies nationally and internationally. Leah just returned from several weeks in Cambodai, working with youth and environment programs.

Currently, Leah is on the Race Equity Committee for the Harbor School on Vashon Island and has been in a long term collaboration with Emory University Program for Science and Society with scientists from Spelman, Morehouse College and Emory University (since 2008) creating events across the US.

Primarily, I am mom to a fabulous 9 year old daughter and partner of 25 years in work and couple-hood with Ela Lamblin. Together we co director Lelavision which teaches and performs nationally and internationally.