Diane RobertsonDiane was raised in Unity and while her spiritual travels have led along many different paths and religious traditions, Unity and New Thought have remained at the core of her spiritual journey. Diane shares that one of her favorite Unity memories is as a young child, when her mom would often write ‘little’ affirmations on a small white board above her bed such as “You are the light of the world” and “I AM” – little Truth seeds that Diane continues to nurture in herself and loves planting and nurturing in others.

“What I have always appreciated about Unity is that it is focused on evolving consciousness and doing so in a practical way that informs how we live all aspects of our daily life and how we show up in the world being our Divine Self.” ~ Diane Robertson

Diane has served Seattle Unity in a wide array of roles, including: Prayer Chaplain, Prayer Team, Board of Trustees, Finance Team, Facilities Team, Strategic Planning Team, Y.O.U. Sponsor, Tapestry Ministry, and facilitator of countless classes and workshops. She also brings experience from her work as an engineer, project manager, educator, bodyworker, soul-coach, and ceremonialist.

Diane weaves together the gifts of heart and mind, which allows her to be as comfortable with planning, goals, and project task lists as she is with the silence and stillness. She loves to hear stories of people’s unique journeys and is intrigued by what individually provides the little shifts and ah-ha moments. Diane has always been fascinated with human potential, our spiritual journey and all the many different ways that invite more of our whole-self to shine through.

Photo credit to Lori Sandoval of Paris Lights Photography