Seattle Unity Church is an independent organization, as are all Unity churches and spiritual centers.

Unity Worldwide Ministries provides resources and support, but the decisions relating to each Unity church or center are independent.

Spiritual leadership, and leadership “overall” at Seattle Unity, is provided by Reverend Karen Lindvig, our revered Senior Minister. See Rev. Karen’s page.

The Board of Trustees, elected from our members, is responsible for the long-term well-being of the church. They thoughtfully oversee the high-level finances, purposes, and policies of Seattle Unity. See the Board of Trustees page.

Worship Arts, including service music and visuals, is led by Worship Arts Director Erin McGaughan. See Erin’s page.

Youth Education programs are lovingly overseen by Marla Durden.

Programs, Classes and Workshops and Pastoral Care are coordinated and organized by Diane Robertson. See Diane’s page.

Volunteer Coordination is provided by Terry Loving. See Terry’s page

The day to day business of Seattle Unity, including all personnel issues, business contracts, rentals, and the church building as a facility, is administered by Diane Robertson and Terry Loving.