This website is an ongoing project with contributions from many members and friends of the Seattle Unity.

Video Credits

Sound engineer Nic Charlton did the original sound recording and mixing for these videos, and built Seattle Unity's audio system.

Kelly Gerling did the filming, editing, uploading. written descriptions, and annotating of these YouTube videos primarily as a volunteer for the Seattle Unity.

Photography Credits

Thank you so much to our many talented photographers for generously donating photos to dress up our site.

Our primary photographers are Annie Christensen, Jeffry W. Myers, Gordon Lee, and Richard Rangel.

Content and Orchestration

Thanks to Bonnie Pasek for her editing and writing assistance, and to Terry Loving for all her assistance.

Annie Christensen contributed most of the writing and editing the text on the site and selected and collated the photographs.

Diane Robertson is currently the person to contact about the website.

Website Design and Development

Our website was designed by Robbin Block and developed by David Innes. We are also grateful to the WordPress community for developing and supporting the WordPress platform and all the many helpful plugins.