Seattle Unity May 2021 Newsletter

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Sunday Service Podcast April 18th – Life on Earth

“… when is a time in your life that you were so touched, by the beauty that you saw? Whether it be out at sea or in a mountain, maybe it’s in the woods or your yard. It can be something as simple as watching how the light shines through the window… we have those…

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Sunday Service Podcast April 25th – The Call of Challenging Times

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“Is the universe a friendly place or not? I think how you answer that question is going to impact if not determine how your life unfolds. How are you going to interpret and respond to the things that happen to you, including events like the pandemic or the political, cultural, racial turmoil of the last…

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Sunday Service Podcast April 11th – Walk the Talk

“So the Alchemy of Leadership, then, is not about doing it all yourself, because you can’t turn lead into gold alone.” Senior Minister Rev. Karen Lindvig continues our series on leadership using examples from scripture, personal experience, expert authors, and … geese!  Nature has great lessons to offer us about vision, collaboration, and communication. Burnout…

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Sunday Service Podcast April 4th – Happy Easter

“So imagine if you will that this past year has been about fermentation, right? That there has been a remembering that has been happening.” Senior Minister Rev. Karen Lindvig ushers in a new Easter. With the pandemic abating, many of us are emerging from the tombs in perhaps a more profound way than ever before.…

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