September 2020 Seattle Unity Newsletter

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Worship Arts Blog

Carolyn’s Quilts I’ve enjoyed Carolyn’s beautiful, classically trained voice for several years, and only just learned that she’s also a quilter.  We see Carolyn regularly now in Zoom Fellowship, and got peeks at some of her masterful work. From Carolyn: I started getting interested in art quilts about 10 years ago and it’s become quite…

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Sunday Service Podcast September 27th – Myrtle’s Gift

Rev. Karen re-visits the core spiritual tool of prayer, in its various forms, as a great way to navigate current challenges.  Examining the healing and affirmation works of Myrtle Fillmore, she encourages us to re-invigorate our prayer practice. Worship Arts include group recordings from Seattle Unity band, Erin McGaughan, Olivia Hamilton, Jesse Whitford, David Loy,…

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Sunday Service Podcast September 20th – Walking Through Fire

“It is no longer a theory; it is what is. And perhaps we can use this Equinox energy to accept where we are and surrender to a higher power.” With the fires, the hurricanes, and virus, Rev. Karen acknowledges our current upheavals.  She looks at some lessons offered by 12 step processes, and incorporates nature…

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Sunday Service Podcast September 13th – Who’s on Your Shoulder

kid as angel

“What is your spiritual practice, that disengages you from the Ego and the Pain Body, where you can have that space? Is it mindful meditation, is it yoga, is it tai chi, is it walking in nature?” Senior Minister Rev. Karen Lindvig returns to explore the image of an angel on one shoulder and the…

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Sunday Service Podcast September 6th – Release & Forgive

human releasing sand to ground

“We take our stuff, we throw it on our back, and then we walk into the next situation, we take down our stuff and we plunk it right into our new situation.  We bring our stuff from the past… and put it right down into our future.” Associate minister Diane Robertson welcomes her ministerial school…

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