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Rev. Karen Speaking

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Service at Metropolist

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Embracing Community

Seattle Unity Sunday Service - A Promise Kept

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Sep 19

XYZennials Brunch

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Sep 19

Midday Meditation & Prayer

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Sep 20

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Seattle Unity News

Sunday Service Podcast September 12th – Ann Holmes Redding

September 14, 2021

“When we as a community take on this notion of service as an attribute, very often we take it on from the side of privilege. We take it on from the side of ‘we have something to give’. And, with that, in the back of…


Sunday Service Podcast September 5th – Alchemy of Service II

September 13, 2021

“I do this instead of complaining, because now I feel like I’m building hope —  hope for the homeless individuals, their families and our city, and I also restoring my own hope that through acts of service small groups of dedicated people can help change…


Guest Speakers this Month at Seattle Unity

September 9, 2021

We have a fabulous lineup of Guest Speakers this month at Seattle Unity, which will really help us connect with interfaith perspectives in this month of Service!   9/12 This week we have Dr. Ann Holmes Redding; one of her aspects of Service is to…


Seattle Unity, Outreach, & Faith Action Network!

September 3, 2021

Greetings from the Outreach Team! We have an important news update for you.  In addition to our ongoing partnerships with longtime local neighbors including Compass Housing Alliance and Mary’s Place, Seattle Unity just joined Faith Action Network! Faith Action Network is an interfaith, statewide partnership…


Worship Arts Blog

September 3, 2021

Call for Feedback! Worship Arts Director Erin McGaughan is looking for your input, as we plan (and budget) for the future. Hello church family I need your feedback and ideas! Any feedback is welcome, but here are some brain-storm starters: What elements of the Sunday…


Seattle Unity September 2021 Newsletter

– IN THIS ISSUE – Services & Events Celebration of Life for Sada Simran Postponed…


Services are now both live online and in-person!  We do everything we can to make the service feel comfortable with regards to coronavirus procedures.

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