Sunday Service Podcast October 8, 2017 – There Is No ‘Other’

Today, Rev. Karen called us to the Practice of Oneness. Our body being simply the outer form of Spirit, we are all connected. She held up a cup and asked us to consider the air in the cup. The air doesn’t change, regardless of the position of the cup. When she crumpled the cup, the air still exists.

We are all expressing divinity uniquely, and Unity calls this practice “Beholding the Christ Within”. Another form of this practice is the Eastern “Namaste”.

She then spoke of the “other”: yet whatever we see in the “other” exists within ourselves.

Finally, Rev. Karen described how we claim the “other”, particularly in difficult circumstances. With several stories, she presented the idea of spaciousness – of not reacting, of taking a breath, of pausing. And, perhaps, of gently asking questions, and more questions, of the “other”.

 Some ways to create that spaciousness? A meditation practice, dancing, singing or any creative act, being in art or in nature, embracing consciously the present moment, and our pets (as it was Pet Blessing Sunday).

Leah Mann brought her wonderful dancing friends to grace us with their lovely versions of spaciousness.