Sunday Service Podcast October 19, 2014 – “Be Who You Are – Want What You Have”

Sunday 20141019 1Rev. Karen examined generosity and tithing in this talk. She spoke of the importance of authentic connection to what you give to – giving to what inspires you that week, whether that be a person, a church, an institution – whatever it is that enriches your soul at that time. She talked of the danger of covetousness – that this takes you out of the present moment and keeps you dissatisfied with what you have.

She brought Gerald Schley up to tell of his inspiration with generosity and giving, and told the Tibetan tale of two brothers, one with 99 horses and one with one horse.

She brought us to a new appreciation of the meaning of “love what you have”.

Our Home Team was the guest music, featuring an original drum solo by John Stout which received a well-deserved standing ovation.