Sunday Service Podcast October 18, 2015 – “The Wise Self”

Sunday 20151018 1Rev. Karen began her talk with a parable about a wise and discerning heart in King Solomon’s story. She called out the two crucial aspects of inner wisdom – (1) hearing it, and (2) acting on it.

Then she touched on the results of NOT following your inner wisdom.

Sunday 20151018 2Bringing this into our practical lives, she talked of Jesus’ guidance to his disciples – of going out two by two, and of taking nothing with them. She extrapolated many meanings from this, among them the value of getting out of your routine, relinquishing control, and therefore being more in a position to listen and be open to inner wisdom.

She finished with a meditation to allow us all to access our personal inner wisdom.

Out guest music, new-to-us Sarah Rose Davis, sang several very touching and deep new songs, and the music at times provoked dancing in the aisles.

Sunday 20151018 3