Sunday Service Podcast October 1, 2017 – The Difference Between an Archetype and a Stereotype

Guest speaker Michael Bogar, MDiv, ThM discussed stereotypes and archetypes, the differences between them, and the reasons why they are significant in your daily life.

Beginning with the Biblical tale of Jacob, Esau, and wrestling with the angel, and continuing with other examples and stories, Michael illuminated the differences between the types, how to switch one for the other, and their immediate relevance for today’s world. There’s a couple of images below that show some of this fascinating material.

Erin McGaugan recruited our guest artists from her brilliant DIOS friends, and did they have fun!

Intrigued? Want more?  Michael is teaching a class beginning Nov. 1st about this topic, “Turning Stereotypes into Archetypes“, and Erin is leading one of her semi-annual “DIOS training” sessions (Divine Instruments of Spirit) on Oct. 29th.