Sunday Service Podcast March 19, 2017 – “Incarnation and the Kabbalah”

Guest speaker Rabbi Ted Falcon spoke today on “Incarnation and the Kabbalah: Ancient wisdom for a troubled time”. Always an enlightening and informative presenter, today’s talk began with the question, “How come we’re in the state we’re in?”

With his trademark humor and intelligence, Rabbi Ted discussed the Kabbalistic concept of shells of being. Identifying only with the “shell” we live in, we become confused, and forget we are the “spark” within this Klipot, or shell. Then, when we become naturally fearful or guilty in our identification with this “shell”, and defend this shell, rather than our self, the shell becomes harder, denser, and thicker. We need to step back, and notice – are we the shell, or are we the spark? With a non-judgmental, accepting and embracing love we can thin the walls of our shell.

Words for today from Rabbi Ted (somehow, he seems to contribute to our vocabularies with every visit) are “Klipot” and “Tarot” and “32 paths of wisdom”.

If the topic of the Kabbalah, and Rabbi Ted’s views of the subject, intrigue you, he will be leading two workshops on the subject on the 1st Saturdays in April and May:|
April 1: The Kabbalistic Tree of Life: a Powerful Model for Spiritual Awakening and Manifestation and May 6: Engaging the Sacred Energies of Hebrew Letters: Connecting Heaven and Earth

The radiant Laura Berman, our guest artist, is coincidentally exploring her Jewish roots musically, and contributed wonderfully to this service.