Sunday Service Podcast July 23, 2017 – “Change Your Mind”

In Rev. Karen’s talk this morning, continuing the theme of Imagination and Creativity, she spoke of the times when we get “stuck”. At those times of stress, without imagination we frequently see only one way to go, when actually there are always multiple possibilities. Being creative gets us “un-stuck”.

Several times she referred to the lyric in the Sister Hazel song, “Change Your Mind” of “If you want to be somebody else… change your mind.

She told a wonderful story of  13 year old “Tom”, who’s used his imagination his whole life to create amazing experiences of the things he loves best.

Rev. Karen asked the question, “What did you imagine, over and over, when you were a child?” For example, she said she used to line up all her dolls and speak to them… How has what you repeatedly imagined shown up in your current life?

The delightful Home Team, led by Erin McGaughan provided lively accompaniment, including a cover of the Sister Hazel song.

We also blessed and honored our retiring Youth &   Family Ministries Director, Marelu Marson Greco.