Sunday Service Podcast July 2, 2017 – “The American Spirit”


In honoring Independence Day, Rev. Karen’s talk focused on “What IS “the American Spirit””? She spoke of the awakening 241 years ago of a sense of personal freedom, not just in this country but also in Europe at the time. Quoting from the Baha’i faith, she talked of both material and spiritual expansion, and our current contrasting times of expanding consciousness and increasing violence.

Rev. Karen spoke of our deep need to learn to speak with respect for each other – that anger does not shut off dialogue nearly so much as contempt, and that our current internet culture can increase the reinforcement of one’s own group’s contempt for other groups’ beliefs.

She led us on a meditation of the last 240 years of history, and into our visions of the next 240 years and what that could be.

Our delightful home team members brought joy and music into this timely service.